Virtual Arrays is initially focused on applying its proprietary, encoded particle technology for comprehensive phenotypic and genotypic cellular analysis. With Virtual Arrays' technology, researchers can perform in-parallel, complex, multiplexed, biologically meaningful analyses in key research areas, such as validation of drug targets, high throughput cellular screening, assessment of new chemical entity (NCE) selectivity and specificity, and early toxicology. Previously these analyses would require many repetitive sequential experiments and may miss potentially new insights into hit specificity of compound libraries. New technologies for comprehensive cellular analysis at the molecular level are necessary to exploit recent advances in genomics and proteomics. Using Virtual Arrays' proprietary technology the following applications are envisioned for pharmaceutical and basic research:

• Parallel and more rapid drug development to accelerate go/no-go decisions at an earlier stage in the research process thereby reducing costly failures and unnecessary experiments;

• Development of improved cell-based assays with built in consistency encompassing both genetic and phenotypic variations;

• Development of multiplexed, multi-analyte (DNA, protein and cells) detection systems;

• Informatics tools that would facilitate molecular mechanistic understanding of lead compounds and improved decision-making.