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Virtual Arrays' mission is to replace current serial drug discovery processes with parallel ones, enabling major productivity improvements, thereby, accelerating and improving the identification of new medicines.

Rather than accelerating a few stages of the traditional sequential research process, Virtual Arrays
technology accelerates the entire process.

Virtual Arrays is leading the way:
• Demonstrated proof of concept: Proprietary technology platform to uniquely address the need for
parallel drug discovery processes

• Bringing together a multidisciplinary approach: Material Science, encoded carriers;
Imaging technology; Software Analysis; Cell Biology

• Extensive intellectual property: 20 patents filed

• Pioneer in multiplexed cell-based applications

• Experienced senior management team:

• Applied BioSystems, LJL Biosystems, Applied Imaging

• Excellent initial funding with leading Life Science VCs

Virtual Arrays strategic objective is to become the market leader in creating a breakthrough solutions that
enables pharmaceutical companies to directly impact their NCE and product pipelines. Virtual Arrays intends to develop and commercialize an expanding portfolio of consumables-driven products and systems, to address rapidly growing markets focused on understanding human health at the molecular level, and to help scientists to improve the quality of life. The Company's targeted customer base includes pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical and diagnostics companies as well as academic, government and other non-profit research institutes.